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Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Yuri
Yuri Plisetski did not make a habit of sitting with the other skaters before his routine, but Viktor Nikiforov had invited him and Viktor was one of the few people he tolerated. And besides Otabek would be joining them shortly, and Otabek was one of the few people Yuri genuinely liked.
‘It will be okay as long as I can avoid ….’ Thought Yuri as he stared sullenly into space.
‘It’s JJ style!’ someone shouted. Yuri bristled. He was not a ‘people person’ on the best of days, but he loathed the Canadian skater. Viktor and Yuuri Katsuki greeted him nicely and several of the other skaters began to chatter with him as well. Yuri ignored him, as icy as a Siberian winter.
“Hello princess!” JJ drawled. Yuri flipped him the bird. JJ snorted and resumed talking to the others. Yuri kicked the back of Viktor’s seat.
“I’m sitting somewhere else” snarled Yuri. But his exit was thwarted as someone plopped into the seat
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Mature content
Boxer's Hands by Lussuria :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 0 0
A Letter Regarding Our DID
I have something I need to tell you. I would rather write this than say it in person because I am so nervous.
You’ve told me before about your OCs? It made me want to explain -
I have OCs too but for me it goes a little further – I have DID (dissociative identity disorder). It comes from my having a rough childhood (I was neglected and abused as a kid).
You’ve heard the expression “the lights are on but nobody’s home?” I’m not the only one who lives in the house- I’m not the only one up here.  
I should have told you sooner but I was afraid you would think I was nuts. I probably am.
Anyway if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.
I should have told you this in person but I wanted to tell you in private and there wasn’t really a good time- also I was a bit nervous about telling you. I don’t want you to think I am crazy.
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Mature content
Was It Worth It by Uta :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 0 2
Victimless Crime by Rebecca by Fantasma-System
Mature content
Victimless Crime by Rebecca :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 0 0
Words Will Never Hurt Me by Rebecca by Fantasma-System
Mature content
Words Will Never Hurt Me by Rebecca :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 0 0
Street Art by Rebecca by Fantasma-System Street Art by Rebecca :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 0 0 Butterfly Moon by Rebecca by Fantasma-System Butterfly Moon by Rebecca :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 2 0
The Voice by Chowder
It was not love at first sight.
I have always seen the world through coated, damaged lenses.
But sound ... That was the true miracle.
It was like what I imagine indigo blue to look like.
I listened with rapt fascination to a voice I had heard only in my
It was like seeing all the colors of a peacock's tail for the first time.
Every blue and green and violet before me.
And then the colors took the form of a rainbow.
But she was not an intangible rainbow of light that slipped through my fingers
She was a woman.
I longed to touch her gently curling hair
And press my lips against her soft skin
But I dared not.
I dared no more than to let her call me "maestro" and "teacher"
And hear her voice in my dreams.
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Convenience Store by Cato
Independence smells like Trolli Orange-Os.
Freedom feels like tired muscles.
Respect sounds like the thump of cardboard boxes.
Hope looks like bags of chex mix.
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The Second Star To The Right Willow Trilogy book 3
Ben washed his hands and prepared for yet another shift at Pleasant Shire Retirement Home. He sighed and pushed back his blonde hair and exited the bathroom. The scent of time was all around. He noticed an elderly woman with chestnut skin, and brown eyes that still held a bit of the sparkle they had contained in their youth, talking to no one but the air around her. He frowned- it was Willow Merryship, the local Multiple Personality Disorder patient- a running joke around the home. The common treatment for MPD was integration: the combination of each “personality” into a single person. Willow had never even considered it. “Cooperation- not integration”, she had told her therapist. Legally, they couldn’t force her to integrate- but it looked bad to be an 87 year old lady who still had “imaginary friends” - and it was worse when these imaginary friends occasionally decided to talk through her mouth.
“Miss Merryship? You okay? Ben grunted. W
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Castle on a Cloud Willow Trilogy book 2
When I went to sleep, I was in my room. When I woke up, I was still in my room- my other room - the one that had been in my head since I was eight.
‘No, no, no not today!' I thought, panicked 'I'm taking my driver's test today!'
"Good morning Willow," said a voice with the same tones as Julie Andrews- and the same English accent. A tall elf with slender pointed ears, corn silk blonde hair and grey blue eyes dressed in an immaculate white gown was sitting primly on the foot of my inside-my-head bed.
"Ladybird let me out! I have my test in like an hour!" I roared.
"Indeed! You have a big, big, big day! I suggest we hop to it darling- you need a nutritious breakfast before you go take your test." said the ethereal woman in white.
"Hey, keep both eyes on the road today, okay?" said a male voice- a man with long black hair and crimson eyes, dressed in loose breeches and boots- he was shirtless to accommodate the two powerful red dragon wings protruding from his shoulders. He wore a sw
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The M and M Trail Willow Trilogy book 1
Willow Merryship’s foster-mother (a mean old lady named Maria) hadn’t given her enough to eat, as usual. She had been hovering over Willow’s life, ready to strike, for the eight short years of Willow’s life, but tonight, she was curled up safely in her rooms- the one everyone could see, and the one only she could, the beautiful castle she had created in her mind.
It was made of clouds, and had many rooms. The kitchen always magically had food just like in Beauty and the Beast, and there were rooms full of games to play, and books to read, and there was always music playing.  There was one final thing that made the castle so special.
“I brought you some sushi- I know it’s your favorite,” said a male voice- it was inside, the way it always was.  It was Solopatear, the man who’d been with Willow and protected her for as long as she could remember, but only Willow ever saw him.
He had long black hair, and ruby red eyes, and big red
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Mature content
My Wife by Cato :iconfantasma-system:Fantasma-System 0 8
Some Nights By Aloiseus
My name is Aloiseus Grey. My life has relatively normal beginnings but it has not stayed that way.
I began life in a quiet suburb- in a place where it was night 23 hours a day. It was a good place to live for vampires, werewolves, and gargoyles like myself. I went to primary school, and then a more advanced university. My family (my father, mother, sister, and myself) were all very happy- but it was not to continue.  My nation found itself caught up in a devastating war. My father went off to fight and was killed in action, and my mother, sister and I did what we could to survive. Things continued to deteriorate financially- and we were in danger of losing our home. So, being young and impulsive, I tried to rob a man. The authorities were called, and I spent many years in jail.
I do not wish to say all that went on because I understand certain people may have delicate constitutions not suited to discussing such things … but the things done in that prison still haunt me to th
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Why I Adore Henry Lau by Chowder
Let me begin by saying that I admit this is a rather odd fascination.
The idea of one such as I having an appreciation for a Korean pop star is, to say the least, far fetched.
However, I am prepared to explain myself.
My ears were first subjected to "kpop" this year. Generally I despise it as much as the rest of the horror that is modern music (and people say I am a monster! What about the buffoons promoting "singers" who have no vocal talent, and cannot hit a note without the devilish modern aid of auto-tune?) but Henry Lau of Super Junior has, grudgingly earned my respect.
Firstly- the young man has shown potential as an instrumentalist- he plays violin (since the age of six according to Google), piano, and guitar; he composes, and sings (passably, he is still young and is still learning). He also dances (latin dance and ballet), and raps (which I abhor but it is a kind of accomplishment I suppose). How many young men in this day and age can boast such talents? In addition to this I
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I don't like to sound so repetitive, but we need another place to interact besides Deviantart. Facebook simply won't do. We might give it one more chance because we are desperate, but while we enjoy Deviantart it is rather useless as a social media platform which is what we chiefly need. Deviantart was meant to be our personal journal and place to showcase our writing- but never a social media outlet. I will be attempting to return us to Facebook but we will still continue to journal and post our creative works here as well ~ Light 
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